Church of Christ
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Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations associated with
one another through common beliefs and practices

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Welcome to Church of Christ

Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations associated with one another through common beliefs and practices. They seek to base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone, and see themselves as restoring the New Testament church established by Christ. COC ‘s approach to the Bible is driven by the "assumption that the Bible is sufficiently plain and simple to render its message obvious to any sincere believer".

(It is to be understood that the term "church of Christ" is used in the New Testament as a descriptive phrase, indicating that the church belongs to Christ, rather than as a proper name.

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Previous Articles

Who or what are you putting first?

Life seems to get busier the older we get. We have so much to do and so little time, often finding ourselves having to put some things off for tomorrow. We wrestle with many genuine concerns each day and often neglect time for thinking of spiritual things. This is a serious issue and allows for prio...

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Book, Chapter, and Verse

Very often practices are justified by “Scripture does not condemn it” or even “There is no book, chapter, and verse for having book, chapter, and verse.” ...

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Don’t just tell me

Many people will speak about religion, they will say what people should do and how they need to behave, but they, themselves, don’t live the same way. It is easy to talk about religion but not as easy to live it. If you want me to listen to your words, back them up with action. Faith is a subject ma...

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Making Choices
JUNE 2014

Every day we make choices, whether to get up or stay in bed, what shirt to wear and what to have for breakfast. We make these choices all the time and most times it doesn’t take too much time, well some ladies take a while to choose which clothes to wear, but that is the exception...

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The Quick Fix
February 2014

We live in a time where everything is to be done at high speed. We are extremely time conscious and this is demonstrated in the very common commodity - instant coffee. We like instant coffee because we don’t want to wait for the beans to be ground up, then suffused in hot water, filtered and finally...

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Life After Death
January 2014

The good friend of Jesus, Lazarus, was very ill and his sisters sent a message to Jesus to come to him, so that he could get healed. Jesus stayed where he was for another couple of days before going down to Bethany. The disciples tried to dissuade Jesus from...

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